Uber Drivers Don’t Want to Drive Carpooling New Yorkers

Uber rolled out to their UberPool service this week, but many drivers won't be turning it on.

(Photo via Uber)
(Photo via Uber)

Back in August, Uber said they’d be rolling out a new feature where you could turn your ride into a carpool by picking up additional passengers and splitting the costs, beating out Lyft’s nearly identical announcement by mere hours. Uber will start offering this feature in New York City tomorrow, and they’re “excited” as usual, according to their blog, help New Yorker’s add another random variable to their drunked, late-night Ubering.

Uber drivers, however, aren’t as excited as the guys at the top raking in the major cash. A number of drivers told Newsweek that they’re just going to turn the service off, and that “not many drivers accept UberPool rides. And those who did try it, hated it.”

The Uber drivers told Newsweek that are a number of reasons why UberPool rides aren’t worth the hassle:

“When the passengers don’t get along…they both take it out on your rating,” referring to the driver’s rating. If a driver’s rating falls too low, Uber can suspend them.

On the same forum, another verified driver complained of potential damage to his vehicle when overstuffed with passengers and luggage. “Instead of two drivers getting separate fares, one will have to go without. There’s already too many cars out there as it is. I doubt we will get paid enough extra, if at all, to make the extra pickups worthwhile. What if two or three passengers are going to the airport? That’s a lot of luggage to cram in the back of a smaller car. We’ve all seen how people treat those overhead bins on airplanes where there’s not enough room.”

Meanwhile, Uber has been calling the program a major success in testing—they claim that UberPool cuts down on fares for only the cost of a couple of extra minutes on your trip. It’s of no surprise that Uber is prioritizing their bottom line over their drivers. After all, it’s hardly the first time. Uber Drivers Don’t Want to Drive Carpooling New Yorkers