Which New Jersey Governor are you?

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New Jersey’s had a lot of different governors: Many different types, many different personalities, sizes, ages, shapes and genders.

There have been 55 New Jersey governors in all, starting way back in 1776, with William Livingston of the Federalist Party. The first Royal governor was Cornelius Jacobsen May, waaay back in 1624. Cape May is named after him.

We’ve had governors go on to be president like Woodrow Wilson. Governors who’ve left early [McGreevey and Whitman]. And some who stayed just a day or two. [John Farmer, John Bennett].

Are you witty like Brendan Byrne? Moderate like Tom Kean? Or a tell-it -like-it-is loudmouth like Christie?

Click the link below, take the test and figure out the answer to the question:

Which New Jersey Governor are you?


Which New Jersey Governor are you?