Afternoon Bulletin: The Blizzard That Wasn’t

New Yorkers were expecting two feet of snow, but instead they got...this..(Photo: Preston Rescigno/Getty Images)
New Yorkers were expecting two feet of snow, but all they got was…this (Photo: Preston Rescigno/Getty Images).

City residents were expecting two feet of snow, but what they got was less than half that. Only 6-8 inches of snow fell throughout New York City, causing some to question the travel bans and transit shutdowns put in place before the storm (and lifted Tuesday morning.) Mayor de Blasio, however, defended the city’s action, saying “You can’t be a Monday morning quarterback on something like the weather.” Long Island and Connecticut ended up bearing the brunt of the storm. (New York Times)

Louis C.K. doesn’t blame Mayor de Blasio for his storm response. The comic, who was supposed to perform at Madison Square Garden Monday night, sent an email to his fans saying that “To expect accuracy from each individual mayor is just too much.” He said that even though the blizzard was “overblown” in New York, his family in Boston was still struggling from its effects. (Gothamist)

About 300 homeless New Yorkers used Penn Station as a refuge during the snowstorm. Salman Tahir, who works at a newsstand at the station, said since no trains were running, the upper level of the rail hub was filled with people seeking shelter. The NYPD normally does not allow homeless people into the station, but given the weather, kicking them out would have been “against human rights,’ according to Mr. Tahir. (Newsday)

Despite nasty road conditions, food deliverymen throughout the city still seamlessly got orders to customers. The GrubHub go-betweens dressed in layers so they could stay as warm as the cuisine they were carrying, and some of them actually got good tips (from people who read the Observer, perhaps?). Even after the 11 PM travel ban, one Brooklyn diner was still honoring requests, though the owner warned “It’ll take a while. Our guy ain’t supposed to be out there.” (New York Times)

Most New Yorkers stayed indoors last night, but one horny Brooklynite wanted sex in the snow. “Mark” placed an ad on Craigslist Monday searching for “a pretty lady that has a fetish for cold.” Having apparently done this three times before, the wintry Romeo knows that taking a hot bath right after the arctic adventure is the way to avoid hypothermia. Shockingly, he had no takers. (DNAinfo)

  Afternoon Bulletin: The Blizzard That Wasn’t