Currie praises Obama’s call to extend paid sick leave


Today, Chairman of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee John Currie reacted to President Obama’s State of the Union address with the following statement:

“Tonight, in his State of the Union address, President Obama embraced what Martin Luther King Jr. called the fierce urgency of now — pointing out that middle class families are desperate for policies that extend equal opportunity for all, not just the wealthy.

“The president offered a clear vision for a country on the rise, and it was a stark contrast from the backwards thinking of the Republicans. The Republicans’ trickle down economics have been tried — they do not work. It is time to level the playing field for middle class families.

“In particular, I thought the president’s desire to extend sick leave to working families strongly contrasted with the comments of our failed, absentee governor who insulted municipalities that extended paid sick leave at the local level. And while our governor concerns himself with the anxieties of Iowans, the president successfully calmed the nerves of the nation.

“I was also proud that President Obama showed his resilience in the face of international terrorism, and outlined a package of reforms to raise the minimum wage, and make the tax code fairer and college education affordable. These are the type of measures New Jersey families want their representatives to promote — not more efforts to undermine health care coverage and repeal patient protections.

“Well done, Mr. President.”

Currie praises Obama’s call to extend paid sick leave