Effortlessly Turn Any Video Into a GIF With Imgur’s New Feature, No Skill Required

Join the Internet as we celebrate.

(Screengrab: Imgur).
(Screengrab: Imgur).

In the past, making a decent GIF took patience, Photoshop (or a similar program) and a minimum of 10 years of Tumblr experience. As of today, turning a video into a GIF is so simple, my Internet-less grandmother could do it. 

Imgur just blessed the Internet with a new “Video to GIF” feature that enables anyone to make an original GIF in seconds. Simply paste a link into the tool, select the start and end points of the loop, add any desired text, and that’s it!

The GIF can then be shared on Imgur, Reddit, Tumblr and social media with one click. The tool also generates a direct link for sharing in email or IM; a link specifically for Reddit comments; a BBC code and an HTML code. So even though this leap in GIF technology is right at home on Imgur—where nothing except images are shared and GIFs are a staple—it will undoubtedly bring the presence of GIFs on the Internet from “They’re everywhere!!” to “Where’d all the porn go?! It’s only GIFs now.”

Imgur recently told The Observer that they’re working to turn the site into a platform where users can actually create original stories, photos and GIFs rather than just share content, so we’re not at all surprised by the introduction of the straightforward GIF-maker.

And we can attest to how simple this tool truly is. With no prior GIF experience, it took us fewer than 10 seconds to make this beauty of a dog trying to walk in booties.

[protected-iframe id=”cea8368d20adf5de7ebf27f828bd4f3e-35584880-65782705″ info=”http://i.imgur.com/saMpgMd.gifv#embed” width=”448″ height=”286″ frameborder=”0″ align=”center”]

Now go forth and make GIFs of EVERYTHING. Effortlessly Turn Any Video Into a GIF With Imgur’s New Feature, No Skill Required