Friedman and Mulshine tag team on Jones and Christie

Appearing with other pundits dissecting Gov. Chris Christie’s appearance with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, author (and KinkyFriedmankinkyfriedmanformer Texas gubernatorial candidate) Kinky Friedman denounced Christie as a Yankee and comically questioned the nature of his relationship between Jones and Christie.

“It’s the most latent homosexual relationship since Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson,” cracked Friedman.

ESPN’s host later apologized for Friedman’s comment.

Star-Ledger conservative columnist Paul Mulshine appeared in the same Jones-Christie flap segment.

“It was really bad for his everyman image,” Mulshine said.

Asked if hanging out in a luxury box with Jones helps his presidential prospects, the columnist said, “Absolutely not. He needs to launch his presidential bid this month.”

Attention like this is the “last thing he needs,” Mulshine added. Friedman and Mulshine tag team on Jones and Christie