Jeb and Mitt Really Love The Wall Street Journal

But Rupert Murdoch only loves one of them back

Rupert Murdoch and Mitt Romney
Rupert Murdoch and Mitt Romney (Photo: YouTube)

Probable Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush and former (and possibly future) candidate Mitt Romney agree on at least one thing. They both really, really love The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times reports.

Mr. Bush calls the Journal his “paper of record,” a term that usually refers to the Times but, strictly speaking, doesn’t have to. Mr. Romney’s relationship with the Journal, however, is a bit more complex. For him, the Journal plays into some serious daddy issues.

“The newspaper assiduously chronicled the career of his father, George Romney, a prominent automobile executive,” writes the Times. “And Mr. Romney is a devoted Journal reader who has repeatedly sought to reach its readers through his own opinion articles.”

Which makes Journal owner Rupert Murdoch’s very public rejection of Mr. Romney especially poignant.

“Those close to Mr. Romney said he had all but given up on trying to win over Mr. Murdoch,” the Times writes. “Several of them spoke of the situation as frustrating and inexplicable for him. Mr. Romney, they point out, has nothing negative to say about Mr. Murdoch.”

Not only did Mr. Murdoch call Mr. Romney’s 2012 presidential run a “calamity” and dismiss him as a “terrible candidate,” but he basically likes any other candidate more.

Especially Jeb Bush. The media mogul “practically swooned” and basically sounded as giddy as a schoolgirl after Mr. Bush gave a recent speech, one that others in the audience described as “unremarkable.” “I like Jeb Bush very much,” Mr. Murdoch told the Times.

Sounds like something that Mr. Romney should work out in therapy.

Jeb and Mitt Really Love The Wall Street Journal