Jerry Jones’ biggest fan


Looking like a red-shirted crew member from the old Star Trek television series, glued to Jerry Jones’ Captain Kirk on the bridge of the Enterprise, Gov. Chris Christie playing the loyal retainer in Jones’ box at the Cowboys game tonight was but one more instance of the diehard Cowboys fan’s insistence to be seen close to the franchise’s center of power.

While most insiders conclude that it’s Christie’s way of capitalizing on a political advantage: dovetailing his own mega fandom {for the Cowboys, after all, not Jerry) into a national nuclear option in a GOP Primary, one Republican New Jersey insider offered his own alternative interpretation amid an avalanche of Twitter hoopla.

“I think it means he’s not running [for president],” the insider, nursing a drink, told a dumbfounded PolitickerNJ. “To me, Christie cavorting with Jerry Jones is his way of having fun, letting it all hang out, and recognition at this point that with [Jeb] Bush engaged, he has no path to presidential victory.”

The observation flies in the face of what most believe will be a stubborn, head-down 2016 run by Christie regardless of what Bush does.

The insider tempered his remarks, reasserting his opinion that if Christie gets in the race with Bush in, it will be to ultimately extract some political prize from the Bush empire.

A second Republican with knowledge of Christie’s thinking told PolitickerNJ in the last week that he’s convinced Christie is running.

But this time, in the midst of the onrush of news about Bush’s designs, he hedged.

“Of course, he doesn’t want to get embarrassed, either,” the source said.

Jerry Jones’ biggest fan