We Survived Museum Selfie Day: A Pictorial Appraisal of a New Art Holiday

We start with Eminem, who doesn't really look too pleased to be standing a few feet away from what's arguably the most famous piece of art of all time. Eminem, always cranky, even in Paris.
Puff Daddy's a major collector who is often seen at Art Basel Miami Beach, strolling around, looking for some more Anish Kapoor's. He also declines to smile in his Monda Lisa selfie.
The original caption on this one is unimprovable. "Men take a 'selfie' photo with a cell phone next to photographs titled 'The Artist is Present' of the Serbian artist Marina Abramovic during the inauguration of her 'Holding Emptiness' exhibition at the Contemporary Art Center in Malaga, southern Spain, late May 23, 2014." Holding emptiness, indeed.
Rando with Jeff Koons selfie.
Rando with Daniel Arsham selfie.
Yo, David, you tooooootally photobombed that picture with Hugh Jackman, lol.
John Leguizamo takes a selfie before getting brutally mauled by a dinosaur.
The conceptual artist Ryder Ripps takes a selfie with the first piece of conceptual art.
No idea who these guys are.
Pretty sure you can't do a slideshow like this without mentioning Klaus Biesenbach at least once, so here he is, in all his selfie-ish glory, in a selfie posted on Museum Selfie Day itself.

OK people, we did it, Museum Selfie Day has once again come and gone, and what a day it was. It’s just the second year of the semi-official but fully sanctioned celebration of every egoist’s favorite iPhone trick, taken in temples of art, and then posted and liked and commented and whatnot. And a year after it was invented by museum folks Culture Themes and Mar Dixon, we now have an opportunity for every art institution to drum up free advertising via social media by encouraging the sharing masses to post #MuseumSelfies on feeds so they can go forth and get viral and turn into ticket fees. And boy, did it work.

But there have been plenty of art world selfie exegeses over the years, so we’ll spare you ours, and instead present you with a dozen or so solid gold museum selfies, all for your enjoyment.

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