Afternoon Bulletin: JFK to Fly Direct to Cuba, Midtown Sex Parties and More

(Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images)
As of next month, direct flights to Cuba will leave from JFK (Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images).

Former state Sen. Malcolm Smith has been convicted of a failed $200,000 bribe to fix the NYC mayor’s race in 2013. Mr. Smith could be spending up to 45 years behind bars for his involvement in the bribery scheme. Mr. Smith’s accomplice, former Queens Republican Vice Chairman Vincent Tabone was also convicted on bribery charges.  (The Observer)

As the inquest into the Metro-North crash continues, those who died are slowly being identified. Walter Liedtke, the curator of European paintings for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, has been identified as one of the six killed in the crash on Tuesday night. Investigations are continuing into how the car that caused the accident got stuck on the train tracks. (The Observer)

A taxi driver and his passenger have made a lucky escape before the vehicle burst into flames Thursday morning. The driver noticed smoke coming from his engine while driving along West 58th street before pulling over and getting out of the cab. According to the driver, his passenger paid his fare of $8.60 and walked the last block to his destination. (DNAinfo)

Dreaming of relaxing along Havana beach sipping on a Mojito or smoking on your Cuban cigar? Well, dream no more! Starting next month you can fly direct from JFK to Cuba, well as long as it’s not for tourist purposes. Legislators are still deciding whether this new relationship with Cuba is in need of a lift all travel bans type of celebration. (BK Magazine)

This Midtown tenant is facing eviction for allegedly throwing a few sexed-up parties. According to court documents, the offices of byteLair Inc., could be evicted for hosting wild sex parties for transgender, transsexual and cross-dressing party-goers, with some getting so into the party mood they had sex in the lobby. The owner of byteLair Inc., Is claiming these allegations are ridiculous and plans to file a discrimination suit. (NY Daily News)


  Afternoon Bulletin: JFK to Fly Direct to Cuba, Midtown Sex Parties and More