An unruffled Green standing by Stender – for now


The district mate of embattled Assemblywoman Linda Stender (D-22), Assemblyman Jerry Green (D-22), Plainfield, hears the grinding battle gears on his front step as the hours tick past.

The man who has the most to lose by the Stender story splattering also technically can decide her political fate. Green not only serves as LD22’s assemblyman but as chairman of the Union County Democratic Party – the man who decides who sits where.

His longtime district-mate, the assemblywoman faces a state investigation into her husband’s use of Habitat for Humanity funds to build a shore house.

But Green said he doesn’t see himself as vulnerable at all in the face of a challenge statement issued by his local nemesis, Plainfield Mayor Adrian Mapp.

“I’m not surprised,” said Green. “I’m sure they would have run whether this would have happened or not. The mayor has nothing to lose other than to make it look like my whole structure is in chaos.

“I like to feel I’m going to survive and I wish him luck but he should spend his time moving the City of Plainfield forward,” added Green.

He insisted he has not yet made that decision.

“It wasn’t something that made Linda look good, but at the end of the day, when I see evidence that there were laws violated, then I have no problem [depriving her of his support],” the chairman said. “I’m not worried about Adrian. I’m not worried about what’s going on in the 22nd District. I don’t feel I have a problem. I welcome a primary in June.”Green’s team last year prevented Mapp and his allies from getting a majority on the city council.

“I beat Mapp in his own district,” Green said.


An unruffled Green standing by Stender – for now