Christie signs bill to consolidate NJ Sports and Expo and Meadowlands Commish

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie speaks to guests at the Iowa Freedom Summit on January 24, 2015 in Des Moines, Iowa. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie speaks to guests at the Iowa Freedom Summit on January 24, 2015 in Des Moines, Iowa. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Governor Chris Christie today signed A-3969/S-2647, which consolidates the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority and the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission.

Noting concerns with the bill in its current form, the Governor signed the bill based on negotiations and bipartisan agreement with the bill’s sponsors — Speaker Vincent Prieto and Senator Paul Sarlo — to move forward with follow-up legislation to address those issues.

“Though this legislation is imperfect in its current form, I believe it is important that we act to move forward with this commonsense consolidation of government to deliver savings to New Jersey taxpayers while we move forward with bipartisan agreement to address concerns with the current bill,” said the governor.

Committed to introducing new legislation to address concerns about the future of Liberty State Park and clarify protections for it, Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-32) and Sen. Paul Sarlo (D-36) released the following joint statement Thursday on their new law (A-3969/S-2647) consolidating the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission into the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority:

“This new law will position the Meadowlands region for greater success. It will make it easier to attract jobs and economic development to the region, while providing long-needed property tax relief and predictability to residents,” said the lawmakers.

“This is common sense reform that takes into account the modern needs of these communities in Bergen and Hudson counties, including tax relief, transportation improvements and economic growth, all while providing savings. We are addressing some of the region’s toughest problems in a fiscally responsible way.”

Christie also took the following action on other pending legislation:




S-979wGR/A-2236 (Sweeney, Cunningham/Wisniewski, Benson, Lampitt, Moriarty, Wimberly, Garcia) – Establishes “College Affordability Study Commission” to examine issues and develop recommendations to increase the affordability of higher education in New Jersey


S-1050/A-3058 (Smith, Bateman/McKeon, McHose, Space, A.M. Bucco) – Extends for five years expiration date of special appraisal process for Green Acres program and farmland preservation program for lands in Highlands Region; makes change to special appraisal process for certain farmers


S-1856/A-3175 (Codey, Vitale/DeAngelo, A.M. Bucco, Angelini, Vainieri Huttle) – Requires DCA to post on its website information about inspection reports for residential health care facilities, boarding homes, and emergency shelters for the homeless, and requires notifications to DHS and counties


S-1870/A-3306 (Holzapfel, Singer/McGuckin, Wolfe, Giblin, S. Kean, Mukherji, Andrzejczak) – Establishes additional requirements, and penalties for failure to comply, concerning information to be provided to persons purchasing cats or dogs from pet shops


S-2235/A-3480 (Sarlo, Oroho/Diegnan, Mukherji, Moriarty) – Eliminates consumer data collection requirements for certain gift cards


S-2648/A-3988 (Sweeney, Lesniak/Prieto, Singleton) – Reduces membership of Rutgers board of trustees and eliminates dual membership on Rutgers board of trustees and Rutgers board of governors


            A-304/S-801 (Russo, Rumana, Caride, Casagrande/O’Toole, Turner) – Requires schools to maintain supply of epinephrine and permit administration of epinephrine to any student having anaphylactic reaction


A-1784/S-2238 (McKeon, Schaer, Rible, Spencer/Lesniak) – Exempts certain persons from licensing requirements of the “New Jersey Residential Mortgage Lending Act”


A-1796/S-2000 (O’Donnell, Jasey, Pinkin/Turner, Vitale) – Prohibits school district from denying student school breakfast or school lunch because payment is in arrears without prior notice to parent


A-3357/S-2609 (Singleton, Lagana, Garcia/Van Drew) – Authorizes tax lien holders other than municipalities to institute in rem tax foreclosure actions against abandoned properties


A-3391/S-2469 (Johnson, Prieto, Mainor, Wilson, Wimberly/Sacco) – Establishes sheriff’s officers reemployment lists


A-3628/S-2412 (Greenwald, S. Kean/Sarlo, Kyrillos) – “Water Infrastructure Protection Act”


A-3969/S-2647 (Prieto, Schaer, Caride, Eustace/Sarlo) – “Hackensack Meadowlands Agency Consolidation Act”; “Hackensack Meadowlands Transportation Planning District Act of 2014”; “New Jersey Meadowlands Tax Relief Act”





S-1770/A-3407 (Turner/Sumter, Mukherji, Pintor Marin) – CONDITIONAL – Establishes a partial return to work TDI program


SCS for S-1811/ACS for A-3059 (Sweeney, O’Toole/Egan, Diegnan) – ABSOLUTE – Requires use of goods made in the United States for public contracts; requires disclosures by businesses that receive public contracts or development assistance


S-2045/A-3280 (Sweeney, O’Toole/Mosquera, Lagana) – ABSOLUTE Requires Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission to use certain products manufactured in U.S.


S-2048/A-3281 (Sweeney, O’Toole/Mosquera, Lagana) – ABSOLUTE – Requires Delaware River and Bay Authority to use certain products manufactured in U.S.


S-2061/A-3221 (Sweeney, O’Toole/Lagana, Mosquera, Eustace) – ABSOLUTE – Requires Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to use certain products manufactured in U.S.


S-2062/A3279 (Sweeney, O’Toole/Mosquera, Lagana)ABSOLUTE – Requires Delaware River Port Authority to use certain products manufactured in U.S.


S-2284/A-3549 (Pou, Weinberg/Schaer, Vainieri Huttle, Webber, Singleton, Jimenez, Johnson, Bramnick) – CONDITIONAL – Requires Medicaid managed care organizations to meet certain conditions prior to reducing reimbursement rates for personal care assistant services and home-based supportive care services


A-965/S-1945 (Singleton, Sumter, Simon, Lagana, Schaer, Garcia/Whelan, Oroho) – CONDITIONAL – Makes construction work on public utilities subject to “The Public Works Contractor Registration Act”


A-3840/S-2485 (Giblin, Wimberly, Jimenez, Sumter, Rible, Mainor, Moriarty/Sweeney, O’Toole, Pou) – CONDITIONAL – Prohibits religious entities from engaging in certain practices involving cemeteries, funeral homes and mortuaries, memorials, mausoleums and burial vaults


A-3952/S-2642 (Prieto, Mazzeo, Pintor Marin, Quijano, Schaer, Andrzejczak/Sacco, Van Drew, Ruiz) – ABSOLUTE – Dedicates 30 percent of all UEZ sales tax revenues to respective UEZ account and 70 percent of UEZ sales tax revenues to General Fund Christie signs bill to consolidate NJ Sports and Expo and Meadowlands Commish