Christie: TTF ‘not in crisis at the moment’

Gov. Chris Christie said during his weekly radio talk show appearance on 101.5’s Ask The Governor that the state’s Transportation Trust Fund is “not in crisis at the moment,” adding the search for new revenues for the fund is “not something to rush on, or rush through.”

Christie’s comments come as speculation mounts over how lawmakers will replenish the TTF, which experts say is set to go insolvent by as early as June 31st. Some have called for a gas tax as a long-term solution to the fund’s fiscal future, though others argue a more likely short-term scenario will involve debt restructuring and stop-gap refinancing.

Uncertainty regarding those deliberations were fueled this week when Christie failed to mention the issue during his latest budget address. Democrats in both the Assembly and Senate — many who consider funding the TTF to be one of the most pressing issues now facing the state — upbraided the governor for avoiding the problem. Christie: TTF ‘not in crisis at the moment’