‘Saturday Night Live’ 40th: 10 Most Under-Appreciated Commercials (Video)

No Schmidt’s Gay Beer for us! Happy 40th birthday to you, Saturday Night Live!

Bad Idea Jeans
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Oh I’m sorry, did you forget that Bob Odenkirk used to write for Saturday Night Live? I didn’t. But my life IS like one long Bad Idea Jeans.

Norman Bates School of Hotel Management
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhhTb4SoaaU&w=420&h=315%5D
First season, you could tell Saturday Night Live was gonna get weird sometimes.

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Oh holy shit, was the germ of Unedited Footage of a Bear?

Mel’s Char Palace
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You find it, you stun it, we give you the saw!

Serial: Christmas
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATXbJjuZqbc%5D
Topical! But not unfunny.

Asian American Doll

Yikes, this one! “You did this! You!”

Corn Syrup PSA

This one isn’t technically commercial, except maybe it is because it’s kind of a movie commercial. No spoilers!

Amazon Commercial

This one is pretty prescient for the premiere of 50 Shades of Grey. Which, now having seen it, what the FUCK, moms??

Wooden Spoons
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Then again, I’m the kind of girl who occasionally watches Family Guy when no one is around to judge me.

Girl Chess
[hulu id=vi4w8zulqqfxbqyi2o-6pg width=512] ‘Saturday Night Live’ 40th: 10 Most Under-Appreciated Commercials (Video)