‘Saturday Night Live’ 40th: 10 Most Under-Appreciated Commercials (Video)

No Schmidt’s Gay Beer for us! Happy 40th birthday to you, Saturday Night Live!

Bad Idea Jeans

Oh I’m sorry, did you forget that Bob Odenkirk used to write for Saturday Night Live? I didn’t. But my life IS like one long Bad Idea Jeans.

Norman Bates School of Hotel Management

First season, you could tell Saturday Night Live was gonna get weird sometimes.


Oh holy shit, was the germ of Unedited Footage of a Bear?

Mel’s Char Palace

You find it, you stun it, we give you the saw!

Serial: Christmas

Topical! But not unfunny.

Asian American Doll

Yikes, this one! “You did this! You!”

Corn Syrup PSA

This one isn’t technically commercial, except maybe it is because it’s kind of a movie commercial. No spoilers!

Amazon Commercial

This one is pretty prescient for the premiere of 50 Shades of Grey. Which, now having seen it, what the FUCK, moms??

Wooden Spoons

Then again, I’m the kind of girl who occasionally watches Family Guy when no one is around to judge me.

Girl Chess

‘Saturday Night Live’ 40th: 10 Most Under-Appreciated Commercials (Video)