Seamless for Bras: On-Demand Lingerie Delivery Hits NYC

Postmates and ThirdLove have teamed up to bring bras and underwear to your door in less than an hour.

These could be yours in like, an hour. (Facebook)
These could be yours in like, an hour. (Photo: Facebook)

Good news: pad thai for one isn’t the only thing you can order on-demand this Valentine’s Day.

This week, New Yorkers in need of some last-minute sexy undergarments can order on-demand lingerie at the tap of a smartphone.

The on-demand deliveries are the product of a partnership between Postmates, the one-hour delivery startup, and ThirdLove, the lingerie company made famous for their seemingly-magical bra-sizing technology. From today through Valentine’s Day, customers who buy ThirdLove’s bras and underwear can pay an additional $4.99 delivery fee to have their items delivered anywhere in Manhattan within an hour by one of Postmates’ trusty messengers.

“If you don’t have time to go out to a store or were a little late in planning your gift-giving—or maybe you just feel slightly uncomfortable walking into your local lingerie boutique—you can now order beautiful, perfect-fitting lingerie for delivery in minutes,” Postmates spokesperson Heather Luntz told the Observer via email.

ThirdLove's app. (Photo: YouTube)
ThirdLove’s app. (Photo: YouTube)

For those who haven’t heard of Postmates, they’re the company that uses “revolutionary urban logistics” to get any product—be it food or a shopping item—delivered to customers in under an hour. Their delivery staff ride their bikes around the city, retrieving and transporting oft-bizarre orders like tampons, M&Ms and tubs of vaseline from CVS.

Postmates “love[s] teaming up with innovative brands like ThirdLove,” Ms. Luntz said.

Founded in 2012 by San Francisco’s Heidi Zak and David Spector, the lingerie company made waves for its fitting app, which aimed to help the reported 80 percent of women who aren’t wearing the correct bra size. All users have to do is upload a few photos of themselves in a fitted tank top, and the app produces what ThirdLove claims is an accurate reading of their cup size. Then, using their newfound measurements, customers are encouraged to shop ThirdLove’s online boutique of bras and underwear.

Of course, there’s obviously a gamble in ordering a hard-to-fit item like a bra without trying it on first. But when you need something to wear to that last-minute Valentine’s Day date you scored—or, let’s be honest, when you finally resolve to spend your evening seeing Fifty Shades of Grey, and need something festive to wear—this is a pretty nifty option.

Seamless for Bras: On-Demand Lingerie Delivery Hits NYC