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Dear Observer readers,

You’re looking at something brand new. You’re also looking at something infused by nearly 30 years of storytelling and journalistic integrity from the center of the world’s most sophisticated, cosmopolitan arena. The new Observer combines the speed, focus and innovation of a native digital media company with the taste and audience quality of a traditional luxury publisher. Our content is written for global thinkers who demand stories that inform, challenge and promote fresh ideas.

The Observer is no longer simply the web version of the New York Observer newspaper. It is a national destination, covering the people and trends transforming our world, and reaching an elite audience by focusing on the topics that they care about—politics, art, style, culture, entertainment, innovation and real estate. Over the last two years, our audience size and traffic has more than tripled, with 80% of our audience originating outside New York, and we continue to work with leading companies across all categories, such as Tiffany & Co., Mercedes, Chase, Christie’s and Sotheby’s on innovative marketing initiatives.

I’m extremely excited to focus on scaling what we have already built, and continuing to widen our aperture to bring the same smart and sophisticated sensibility to new areas that serve our loyal audience. In the words of Abraham Lincoln, “The best way to predict your future is to create it.” In the changing media landscape, the Observer seeks to continue driving innovation as a leading digital luxury publisher.

Joseph Meyer
Chairman and CEO, Observer Media Welcome to the New Observer