Afternoon Bulletin: Cab Woes Solved? Wild Coyotes and More

A woman tries to hail a taxi on First Avenue October 31, 2012 in New York.  (Getty)

Is there a solution to the 4pm no-cab-zone? (Getty)

New Yorkers might finally be able to hail a cab at 4pm, that notorious hour when the off-duty lights go on. I Quant NY’s Ben Wellington has broken down the dreaded shift change–allegedly to ensure equality in fare revenues– and the two solutions include adding surcharges to an earlier time of day and charging different car rental fees at different times of the day. (I Quant NY)

A coyote was spotted on the roof of the LIC Bar in Long Island City, before making its way into an old paint factory. The bar owner described the coyote as “well-fed” and said the coyote stayed on the roof for about an hour and a half. Police and animal control responded to the scene with tranquillizer guns but the coyote escaped the factory through a broken window pane, according to the bar owner. (DNAinfo)

An illegally tapped gas main may have been behind Thursday’s explosion in the East Village. Investigators are looking into whether the building owner, Maria Hrynenko, dismissed previous warnings against the unwarranted use of the gas main, which was meant to be used solely for the restaurant on the first floor. (Daily News)

The NYPD internal review board is reportedly investigating an officer for inappropriately reprimanding an Uber driver. Captured in a 3-minute long video shot by the passenger, the plainclothes officer allegedly pulled the driver over after he honked at him for parking without his blinkers, and subsequently hurled curses and a slew of insults at the driver. He ended his rant by stating that his time is too precious to waste it on arresting the Uber driver. (New York Magazine)

Afternoon Bulletin: Cab Woes Solved? Wild Coyotes and More