Afternoon Bulletin: $60,000 Bids on ‘Bag of Air’ From Kanye Concert and More

Kanye West, hating on clothing (Getty)
A bag of air from Kanye West’s Yeezus concert has sparked feverish bidding wars (Photo: Getty).

Hillary Clinton stood with Chelsea Clinton and Melinda Gates at Midtown’s Best Buy Theater this morning to unveil the “No Ceilings” report at a Clinton Global Foundation event. The report, which is available at, details the status of women’s rights and comes 20 years after Clinton’s landmark human rights speech in Beijing where she famously declared that “women’s rights are human rights.” Despite recent controversies, Ms. Clinton took a moment to shine light on women’s issues during International Women’s Week. “There has never been a better time in history to be born female,” Ms. Clinton said. “The data also shows how far we still have to go.” (Observer)

For years, the Taxi and Limousine Commission required wannabe New York cabbies to answer some hard-hitting geography questions in order to pass the city’s notorious hack licensing exam. The difficulty of the test, surpassed only by “The Knowledge” exam in the UK, resulted in high fail rates among test takers and limited the driver pool to only the most well-informed.  Now, with the advent of GPS, the TLC is departing from tradition to the ire of city passengers and removing geography questions altogether from the 80-question test, save for a small handful of questions involving navigating the city using maps. Since the exam overhaul took effect, pass rates have already risen by over 20 percent. (New York Times)

A bag of air from a Kanye West Yeezus concert has reportedly launched a bidding war on eBay, with bids rising as high as $60,000. The plastic zip lock bag listed by the user Stangeedon1 from Pennsylvania was savvily labeled “Air from Kanye show” and had 90 prospective bidders before the listing was removed. “Held bag open and sealed air in,” the entrepreneurial user wrote under the item’s description. Even Kim Kardashian felt inclined to weigh in on her husband’s saleability, tweeting, “WOW he can sell anything!” If you missed out on the bag of air, not to fear. You can be the proud new owner of a bag of “Flatulence (Gas) from Kanye,” which was recently also listed on the website, this time for $5. No bidders yet! (Daily News)

A pack of auto thieves have reportedly found a hole in Zipcar’s business model, nipping approximately 20 luxury Zipcars from across several lower Manhattan lots from Tribeca to Chinatown since July. The trendy car rental service allows customers to place a reservation online and pick up cars from private garages across the city using a “Zipcard” to unlock the vehicle. But recently, a group of future jailbirds have given garage attendants the slip by claiming that their bogus Zipcards were not working, and then demanding the attendants hand over the vehicles. The scheme has been particularly effective and garage workers have gifted the thieves around 4 vehicles per month. Police have arrested 18 suspects in connection with 11 of the thefts, but are still on the hunt for more criminals. (New York Post) Afternoon Bulletin: $60,000 Bids on ‘Bag of Air’ From Kanye Concert and More