AG’s Office raids North Bergen Town Hall

North Bergen AG raid2
A law enforcement official with the State AG’s office removed materials from the second floor of the North Bergen municipal building (Photo: Mark Bonamo/PolitickerNJ)


NORTH BERGEN – Law enforcement officials with the state Attorney General’s Office moments ago exited the municipal building in North Bergen carting boxes containing materials that sources say they retrieved from the second floor.

Boxes of documents awaiting removal and be seen through the door of the 2nd floor office of Commissioner Hugo Carbrera. (Photo: Anthony Diana of North Bergen)

Anthony Diana of North Bergen

Anthony Diana of North Bergen

A source close to the unfolding activities said the officials are in North Bergen as part of an ongoing investigation into the parks department.

PolitickerNJ reporter Mark Bonamo took the picture above and below. He is on the ground in the Hudson County town and will file an update shortly.

Bonamo said a town spokesman confirmed to him that the law enforcement officials are with the attorney general’s office.

Up for reelection to his local office in May and set for an official launch party this evening, state Senator (and Mayor) Nick Sacco (D-32) left the statehouse this morning to return to North Bergen.

A source pointed to the case of veteran North Bergen operative Timmy Grossi of Jersey City, a suspended North Bergen Public Works official facing a court delay in his public misconduct trial. The trial’s delay caused locals to start asking intensified questions in the last two weeks.

For more on the Grossi case, go here.

A source told PolitickerNJ that another eyewitness described the procession of about 20 cardboard boxes out of the government building.

North Bergen AG raid
A law enforcement official walks by the unoccupied parking space of North Bergen mayor Nicholas Sacco. (Photo: Mark Bonamo/PolitickerNJ)

  AG’s Office raids North Bergen Town Hall