Batista announces his Democratic candidacy for Assembly in LD20

Democratic attorney Jorge Batista of Hillside today officially announced his candidacy for the Assembly in the 20th Legislative baptistaDistrict.

“I have a platform that hard working citizens of our great county can relate to,” said Batista. “I will fight any attempt to raise the gas tax and our property taxes. Law enforcement professionals need more funding to hire officers and purchase much needed equipment to protect our residential neighborhoods.  We need more youth and senior programs.”

Batista is running in a June 2nd primary in a field that includes incumbent Democratic Assembly people Annette Quijano and Jamel Holley.

The Elizabeth Board of Education is expected to field two candidates as well, possibly Rafael Fajardo and Tony Monteiro.

Batista ran unsuccessfully for mayor of Hillside in 2013.

“I believe in collective bargaining to maintain good paying jobs in our county while being fully aware we need to make the State of New Jersey more business friendly to attract and keep jobs in our area,” he said. “I am committed to being relentless to ensure that government works to  provide a better quality of life for all residents in our legislative district. In addition, I will work to stop the wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars at Kean University.  In addition, I will also work to combat the Kean University land grab that would deprive Union Township and our County of millions of dollars in much needed tax revenue.”

Batista is married with three children.

Batista announces his Democratic candidacy for Assembly in LD20