DuHaime has ‘no doubt’ Christie will have money for presidential run


Political strategist and close Gov. Chris Christie confidant Mike DuHaime said tonight he has “no doubt” that if the incumbent decides to run for the Republican nomination in 2016, he’ll have “enough money to get his message out.”

Speaking on 101.5’s “Ask The Governor” radio show just after Christie wrapped up his own appearance, DuHaime, who worked on Christie gubernatorial campaigns in 2009 and 2013, maintained the GOP presidential hopeful should have no problem raising money towards a 2016 campaign.

Some political observers have questioned how successful Christie might be in attracting donors and amassing a big enough war chest to really compete for the nomination, pointing in part to the encroaching efforts of establishment candidates like Jeb Bush and frontrunners like Scott Walker to suck up funding on his home turf.

Christie himself shrugged off the notion when it came up tonight, saying the “difficulties with raising money are inherent in people trying to make up their mind and choose who they want to support,” and that people this early are still making those calculations.

DuHaime was recently signed on as senior adviser of the leadership PAC Christie founded with the express purpose of laying a campaign foundation before 2016, granted that Bush does have a deep network of “well-heeled friends” that will make raising money easy for the former governor, but that Christie has other assets: he “connects better with anyone else in the country,” DuHaime said.

“The governor is doing right thing in being very methodical about this,” DuHaime said when asked why Christie has not yet decided on a run.

DuHaime has ‘no doubt’ Christie will have money for presidential run