Eustace says it’s time to elect the attorney general in NJ


Irritated by Attorney General John Hoffman’s role in the ExxonMobile settlement, a Democratic assemblyman up for reelection this year in a battleground district today called for an elected attorney general in New Jersey.

“Following the absurd settlement with Exxon for billions of dollars less than taxpayers deserved it is time to reevaluate the position of Attorney General in New Jersey,” said Assemblyman Timothy Eustace (D-38).

“The vast majority of Attorneys General in the United States are elected statewide by the voters,” Eustace (above, right) added. “This ensures that they can be held accountable and are not subject to the electoral ambitions of other politicians.  By adding another Statewide elected position our residents would have leaders that had to answer to one another instead of our current system where one man believes he is a monarch.  There is currently bipartisan legislation(ACR134) that I sponsor to make this a reality.  It is time to elect our Attorney General in New Jersey.”

Read Hoffman’s explanation here.

Eustace says it’s time to elect the attorney general in NJ