LD20 Democratic Primary: Farina to run with Monteiro

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Longtime Elizabeth Board of Education member Tony Montero will run for an LD20 Assembly seat with Giuliano Farina of Union Township.

A married father of two, Farina is a teacher with a Master’s Degree and co-founder of At Heart’s Length, a non-profit charity that is involved in numerous community activities.

“We are amazed with the lack of concern with a recent study revealing that 1 in 4 kids in our area suffer from asthma. There should be no debate- all moneys from polluters should be directed to improving our environment. We are prepared to compare our vision with the inaction of our opponents,” said Farina. “We see problems including crumbling streets, lack of affordable housing and declining transit opportunities. The upcoming crisis of pension underfunding and an existing unemployment rate in our state higher than all our neighbors are demanding solutions. Our opponents have been silent on all of these issues. Our district deserves active leadership.”

Monteiro and Farina are running for the Democratic nomination in LD20 against incumbent Assemblywoman Annette Quijano and Assemblyman Jamel Holley.

A slate composed of attorney Jorge Batista of Hillside and teacher Vivian Bell of Union is also in the contest.



LD20 Democratic Primary: Farina to run with Monteiro