Targeting bill sponsors, Uber firebombed LD7 and LD38 over the weekend


TRENTON – The back war to the Uber street fight included the weekend company carpet-bombing of LD7 and LD38 with anti Assemblyman Troy Singleton and Assemblyman Joe Lagana mailers, making the case to voters that if the Democratic lawmakers’ bill passed it would tire tread jobs in the two districts.

A-3765, which forced cab drivers and Uber drivers into a pro and con stare down today, contains new regulatory language to mangle the non-unionized drivers championed by the Communications Workers of America (CWA) and their drivers.

The mailers infuriated Singleton and Lagana.

And now a reworked bill newly infuriates Uber.

A source close to the hearing – now in progress – said that while the bill might make it out of committee, it won’t last. “The governor will never sign it,” a source  said, referring to the latest iteration of A-3765, which includes fingerprinting demands, more local controls and insurance strictures.

“This bill would give Uber no choice but to leave the state,” the source added.

That would be a precursor to getting booted out of the Assembly Transportation Committee, where state troopers yanked T-shirted Uber troops who went to show force and ran into CWA back channels, a source told PolitickerNJ.

In his public remarks today, Lagana gave no indication of his uber-kerfuffle with Uber.

“I want to thank Uber for coming to New Jersey,” said the LD38 assemblyman.


Targeting bill sponsors, Uber firebombed LD7 and LD38 over the weekend