The Really Pampered Baby’s Expensive First Year

PrintManhattan, reports, is by far the most expensive place in the nation to raise a child. The financial website calculated that it costs parents more than $540,000 for housing, food, transportation, health care, education and miscellaneous expenses, to rear a New Yorker until age 18. But that figure may be quite conservative, considering 14 years tuition at a top private school in New York alone costs more than $600,000. The spending spree begins before birth, assuming parents engage a prenatal doula as a birthing coach. Then parents of a certain station often shell out for a maternity nurse, organic baby food, and a luxury stroller and, of course, a silver spoon from Tiffany. Here the Observer tabulates many first-year expenses.

Doula includes three pre-birth sessions, unlimited phone and email support and labor handholding, and one post-partum visit: $2,600 (Megan Davidson,

Maternity nurse for first two months: approximately $33,600 (Pavillion Agency;

PrintExperienced bilingual nanny:  for 10 months: minimum $88,462 (Pavillion Agency)

Weekend nanny: approximately $45,000 (Pavillion Agency)

Pre-Pre-K: $25,990 (Tutor Time’s “Learn
from the Start” program, 212-682-8080)

Mamachi BPA-free silicone bottle: $175

Delivered organic food for six months (most babies start eating solids at 6 months): $1,285 (

PrintHermès Bib: $240

Bris or Christening reception
for 35 guests, including catering, rental equipment, flowers, entertainment and
event planner: minimum $12,000 (Kate Edmonds Events, 212-366-4447)

Sibi Henry IV handmade modern high chair: $1,350 (not including shipping)

Aston Martin edition baby stroller: $4,657.65 (

Diaper Service organic cotton: $2,600 (

Wardrobe, including onesies, sweaters, dresses/outfits, sleepwear, outerwear pieces, footwear, hats: minimum $3,500 (Bloomingdales)

Suommo “La Perla” crib, Gold Edition: $81,600, including bedding! (

PrintPrivate sign language lessons for
10 weeks:
$1,000 (

Mommy and me French classes
twice per week: $2,700  (

Childproofing a three-bedroom apartment: $800 (

Faneuil sterling silver feeding spoon: $130 (Tiffany & Co.)

Illustrations by David Flaherty

The Really Pampered Baby’s Expensive First Year