Thor Might Wear This Jewelry

Distressed gold and bronze cuffs conjure up images of the Gods.


Graham Tabor and Miguel Villalobos are sculptors and designers of limited edition jewelry which, we imagine, the mighty Thor would love if he ever got some downtime. Similar to pieces found on architectural digs in the Southern Mediterranean, these cuffs come from a special edition line of jewelry fashioned from bronze and 24-karat gold vermeil, the gold is present only on the bits that touch the skin. Flaws are currently ultra-chic, thanks to a vogue for imperfect, metallic patinas on everything from furniture to art. 

Thor might go for this jewelry when off duty..


To create these cuffs,  part of Tabor and Villalobos’s “Failed Wax” exhibitions at  Art + Design and the Cristina Grajales Gallery, the duo worked with conserved, imperfect molds, repeatedly re-cast to further damage their original form. This process produced irregular fragments then combined to produce a finished piece. The cuffs’ rough, pitted and punctured textures have echoes in ancient Byzantine, Minoan or Mycenaean metalwork.


Wizards of alluring jewelry design, Tabor & Villalobos conjure in each edition a fragility of the antique, with the indissolubility of contemporary style. Large cuffs available in an edition of six. Small in an edition of 12.

Any excuse…

Inquiries: Cristina Grajales Gallery. 10 Greene Street, Fourth Floor. (212) 219 9941

Thor Might Wear This Jewelry