Townsquare Media Owner defends 101.5 FM host’s borrowing of Corvette

Eric Scott of 101.5 FM
Eric Scott of 101.5 FM

Alex Bekett, executive vice president of Townsquare Media, issued a response to a question about Lester Glenn Auto Group’s loaning of a Corvette sports car to Eric Scott after Gov. Chris Christie dangled the topic on air.

“Eric Scott was offered free use of a 2015 Corvette Stingray by Ask The Governor sponsor Lester Glenn Auto Group from March 17, 2015 – March 24, 2015 as a result of an unsolicited humorous comment made by Governor Christie on February’s award winning monthly Ask the Governor program on New Jersey 101.5,” Berkett said.

“Neither New Jersey 101.5 owner Townsquare Media, nor Mr. Scott, paid for use of the automobile,” he added. “The car belongs to Lester Glenn Auto Group.

“Neither Townsquare nor Mr. Scott were given a car, but rather Mr. Scott was given brief use of a car. Neither Townsquare nor Mr. Scott have knowledge of the political contributions of the ownership of the Lester Glenn Auto Group. The Lester Glenn Auto Group is a valued Townsquare Media advertising partner. A portion of a conversation during February’s Ask the Governor program on New Jersey 101.5 led to the unsolicited provision of free use of a car for Mr. Scott from Lester Glenn Auto Group. None of the parties involved believe anything that transpired was inappropriate.  Nothing that transpired will affect continued objective coverage of the Governor on New Jersey 101.5, as was evidenced by last night’s Ask the Governor program.”

Berkett followed up with PolitickerNJ after a report about Scott’s use of the Corvette yesterday in the International Business Times.

“The offer for use of a car was conceived by the Lester Glenn Auto Group while Mr. Scott was away on vacation, without his knowledge, and the car was delivered upon his return,” Berkett said. “The duration of use was not specified precisely, but Mr. Scott planned to return the cat after last night’s Ask the Governor program, giving him an opportunity to show the governor the car which they had originally joked about on the prior program.” Townsquare Media Owner defends 101.5 FM host’s borrowing of Corvette