Afternoon Bulletin: $12K Uber Ride, Chimpanzee Plaintiffs and More

Uber charges passenger 16K for a 30-minute ride (Photo: Bloomberg/ Getty Images)
An Uber passenger was billed $12K for a 30-minute ride (Photo: Bloomberg/ Getty Images). (Photo: Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

An UberX ride worth $12K? A customer who took an UberX from East Williamsburg to East Midtown—a distance of approximately 6.79 miles in 35 minutes and 29 seconds—found themselves slapped with a $12,251.49 bill over the weekend after they asked the app $56.40 for a refund, arguing the driver took a painstaking detour while the clock remained ticking. (Gothamist)

The city’s three public library systems—the New York Public Library, the Brooklyn Public Library and the Queens Library—are requesting $1.4 billion from the City Council for improvements they believe could greatly benefit the communities. The Hunts Point Library in the Bronx, for example, only uses two floors, with its third floor remaining vacant due to low funds, leaving an overlap in arenas for adult and children’s classes. (New York Times)

The city has launched a new website and ad campaign FoodHelp to support those struggling to afford food—largely the elderly and immigrants according to the Daily News—by encouraging them to sign up for food stamps. While an average of 1.76 million New Yorkers signed up last year, roughly a further 550,000 qualifying residents failed to do so. By loosening requirements and promoting food stamps for those who need it, Mayor de Blasio and the city Council hope to reduce the number of those going hungry in the city. (Daily News)

A New York judge has granted two research chimpanzees who currently reside at Stony Brook University, named Hercules and Leo, a writ of habeas corpus. While there have been previous cases requesting the chimpanzees to be transferred to a facility in Florida, the judges always stated that chimpanzees cannot be regarded as legal persons. This is the first time non-humans haven been offered a trial as a plaintiff. (NY Mag) Afternoon Bulletin: $12K Uber Ride, Chimpanzee Plaintiffs and More