Afternoon Bulletin: 15 Percent Fare Hike? Vanishing Bodegas and More


A new Friendliness Bill wants MTA workers to treat riders with the respect they (most of the time) deserve
If the MTA’s five-year capital plan doesn’t pan out, commuters may have to cough up 15 percent more in subway fares.

Photographer Gail Victoria Braddock Quagliata spent the past nine months snapping every bodega across the city, culminating in more than 2,000 pictures. However, when Ms. Quagliata went back to re-shoot some of the bodegas, she spotted a trend—they were slowly disappearing. According to the Village Voice, 75 bodegas closed in 2014 due to increasing rents. “They’re more than a convenience store—it’s a neighborhood,” she told the Times, “And it’s the person who runs it, all at the same time.” (New York Times)

The city is set to be a little less brighter than usual. Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that unnecessary lights will be turned off during the spring and fall migration of birds, including Rockefeller Center, the Chrysler Building and the Time Warner Center. “This is a simple step to help protect these migrating birds that make their home in New York’s forests, lakes and rivers,” Mr. Cuomo said. (The Guardian)

Bullets fired by three men outside Emmanuel Church of God in Brooklyn during a funeral service left two dead and four injured. Investigators are examining whether the incident was gang related and are interviewing witnesses. East Flatbush Councilman Jumaane Williams and Borough President Eric Adams advised the media to avoid relating this incident with any gang affiliations as it may stir greater violence. (NBC New York)

Rats have infested the Pan American Hotel in Queens, a city-funded shelter that hosts about 200 families. The Department of Homeless Services said they are in the process of cooperating with the Pan Am, which does not possess a formal contract, to remove piled up garbage—the major cause of this infestation crisis. (Daily News)

If state legislators choose not to fund the MTA’s five-year capital plan—needed to close the $14 billion gap to cover maintenance and future projects—New Yorkers may see a 15 percent fare hike. (Gawker) Afternoon Bulletin: 15 Percent Fare Hike? Vanishing Bodegas and More