Ballot position fight in Union County Democratic Primary

Attorney Jorge Batista and Vivian Bell, two Democratic candidates running in the 20th Legislative District Primary, will go to court today to try to reverse a decision by the Union County Clerk’s Office that would them back on their heels on the ballot.

The clerk’s office yesterday disqualified the petitions of the assembly challengers’ two freeholder candidates after determining that one of them, Henry McNair, was not a declared Democrat at the time he filed his petitions.

The language is strict in this case, stipulating shall not may.

After losing those signatures, they fell short of valid signatures, which means Bell and Batista will be without a line for tomorrow’s ballot drawing.

That potentially puts incumbent Assembly people Jamel Holley and Annette Quijano in a war with challengers Tony Monteiro and Giuliano Farina for Line A, with the loser accepting Line B and Batista/Bell relegated to C.

Batista intends to file an order to show cause in Superior Court to reverse the decision by the clerk.

  Ballot position fight in Union County Democratic Primary