Bill de Blasio Says Gracie Mansion Has Asbestos and Water Leaks

Gracie Mansion. (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
Gracie Mansion. (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Mayor Bill de Blasio confirmed a news report today that Gracie Mansion, the Upper East Side mayoral residence, has leaky roofs and asbestos, the cancer-causing material.

“We’ve definitely seen the leaks. There’s definitely been some live leaks at Gracie Mansion and I mean leaks where water drips down from the roof, not the other kind of leaks,” Mr. de Blasio said at an unrelated press conference in Brooklyn, where he and Julian Castro, the secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, announced $100 million in funding to make some public housing developments more energy efficient.

“The asbestos situation has been discovered in the context of trying to figure out how to sure up the roof in general. So hopefully we’ll have a long-term solution that will fix the roof but also get the asbestos out,” he added. “I saw leaking in some of the rooms right off the ballroom.”

The Associated Press reported today that asbestos was discovered in Gracie Mansion’s roof. Workers were replacing the leaky roof on the 216-year-old residence when they found pockets of asbestos last month.¬†Officials do not believe the work poses any health risk to Mr. Blasio and his family and they will remain in the home during the renovation, according to the report.

The asbestos removal will reportedly cost about $250,000 and begin later this month. The replacement of the mansion’s 30-year-old roof will cost an additional $3.4 million.

Mr. de Blasio’s predecessor, Michael Bloomberg, never lived in the mansion but renovated it extensively. Bill de Blasio Says Gracie Mansion Has Asbestos and Water Leaks