Bramnick reissues debate challenge — this time targeting Greenwald

Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick (R-21), following up on a call he made earlier this year, reissued his challenge to debate “anytime, anywhere” the chamber’s Democratic leaders today — this time targeting Democratic Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald (D-6).

“Why don’t you want to debate?” Bramnick asked. “I’m ready. Let’s debate this week.”

Bramnick first challenged Assembly Speaker Vinnie Prieto (D-32) to join him in six public debates back in February in anticipation of November’s elections, when lawmakers in the Assembly will find themselves heading up tickets across the state. Bramnick wants to flip nine seats in the legislature’s Democratic-controlled lower house, thereby ending the party’s majority and what Republicans characterize as “more than a decade” of incompetent leadership.

Prieto, however, refused to heed the call, saying he would not take part in any “sideshow” Republicans hope to concoct to distract Democrats from their work this election season. Now Bramnick, who said he was responding to an article about New Jersey’s unreasonably high property taxes, wants Greenwald to step up.

“Trenton Democrats have controlled the agenda for over ten years while property taxes have climbed. I find it interesting the majority leader only now, in an election year, wants to discuss a plan.  My members and I will meet any time, anywhere to solve this crisis for taxpayers,” Bramnick said.

Bramnick reissues debate challenge — this time targeting Greenwald