Doherty says Paul ‘brings a lot to the table’ as a GOP prez candidate


Kentucky Senator Rand Paul kicked off his Republican presidential bid today and on the issues, at least, has the attention of state Sen. Mike Doherty (R-23), the New Jersey State Senate’s most conservative member, who shared a stage with Paul during the 2013 U.S. Senate campaign of Steve Lonegan, and who endorsed Paul’s father for president in 2012.

“He brings a lot to the table,” Doherty said of Paul. “He talks to a lot of issues that a growing movement of Republicans support, including his views on foreign policy. Before troops are sent in, the commander should seek declaration of war that would rally the entire country and do what’s necessary to achieve a victory. That’s the most moral and ethical thing to do: obtain a declaration of war and crush the enemy. Undeclared actions ultimately will bleed the country dry and we will become a second rate bankrupt country.”

Doherty also called Paul an important voice on the monetary activities of the Federal Reserve, and identified him as a strong opponent of crony capitalism and advocate of workers.

“I’m not supporting anybody at this point,” Doherty emphasized, when assessing the developing GOP field for president in 2016, including declared candidates Paul and Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

“I look at that Monmouth Poll that went up yesterday and it’s no secret the conservatives in the GOP bring a lot of energy and activity,” Doherty added. “I’m looking at [Wisconsin Governor Scott] Walker. He’s 59% favorable. He’s number one on that list. Obviously Republicans seem to be gravitating toward Scott Walker and his opening may come if [former Florida Governor] Jeb Bush trips up, Certainly he’s had his tough battles in Wisconsin.”

Doherty doesn’t rule out backing Paul.

“Yeah, I could see that,” he said. “I supported his dad, and that rally we had at the Statehouse was one of the funnest times I’ve had in politics. {Doherty also backed Ron Paul for president in 2008]. I could see supporting Rand Paul, but the Republicans after the Obama Administration may be looking toward someone with executive experience. I like the issues Rand Paul is confident enough to stand up on: national security and reining in some of these Wall Street abuses. Hillary [Clinton} and Jeb are exactly the same on a neocon foreign policy and looking the other way on Wall Street abuse of the middle class. I see no difference, only a continuation of the status quo, moving us away from a free market economy and going the way of Great Britain. We’re all taught the Monroe Doctrine in school and we want other countries to respect our role in the Western Hemisphere. For the life of me I don’t understand the insanity that has taken over D.C. and why we cannot understand other nations having their own influence. For the U.S. to be top dog everywhere is absolutely insane in my book; a recipe for failure and economic disaster.”

Doherty said he doesn’t see Governor Chris Christie getting traction in a Republican presidential primary.

“I’m looking at these poll results and his high unfavorables with Republicans.” said the Warren Republican. “i give him credit for jumping into a race of this magnitude. I just think he has a tough hill to climb. I see it as tough because he has high negatives and will have a hard time turning around Republican Primary voters.” Doherty says Paul ‘brings a lot to the table’ as a GOP prez candidate