Mapp demands that Green apologize to LBGT community on Statehouse steps

An apparent sexual incident in a parking lot has spilled into the middle of that ever caustic rivalry between Assemblyman Jerry mappGreen (D-22) and Plainfield Mayor Adrian Mapp, two leaders engaged now in a fight for local party control.

Cops last week charged Dan Damon, a local blogger and Mapp ally, with a disorderly persons offense after allegedly finding Damon and a male companion in a compromising position in a car. In response to the episode, Green (pictured, below), who’s also the Union County Democratic Chairman, bludgeoned Mapp (right) in an April 3rd Courier News quote.

“The mayor has yet to come out and say anything at all, which is totally shocking. It’s not that he doesn’t know that [Dan Damon] has a sickness,” said Green. “I’m just hoping nobody gets killed or hurt and that somebody in the administration recognizes that this is a danger to society.”

Mapp subsequently went ballistic in a Courier News op-ed, and today, in a conversation with PolitickerNJ, upped the ante, demanding that his arch-rival Green make his way to the steps of the Statehouse and publicly apologize to New Jersey’s lesbian, gay and transgender community.

“I’m calling out Assemblyman Green for his homophobic remarks, which have no place in the 21st Centruy,” said Mapp. “When someone like Assemblyman Green makes the kind of statements he makes where he equates being gay with a sickness and implies that people who are gay are a danger to society, I think that is a very sad day. He’s so backward in his thinking to even remotely suggest what he did, he needs to stand on the steps of the Statehouse in Trenton and apologize to the LGBT community. I would hope enough pressure mounts on him to force him do this. Homophobia and demagoguery have long passed.”

But what about Damon, PolitickerNJ wanted to know.

Does the mayor plan to distance himself?

“I don’t get involved in the personal lives of enemies or friends,” Mapp said. “What someone does in his or her personal life is solely up to him or her. Certainly as a public servant, as a leader in the city, when faced with this level of bigotry, I have a responsibility to the people I serve.”

Green and Mapp are locked right now in a battle for county committee seats.

Green controls the party in Plainfield. Mapp wants control.

The assemblyman has put up 67 county committee candidates to Mapp’s 65.

jerrygre Mapp demands that Green apologize to LBGT community on Statehouse steps