May the Games Commence! NJ needs legislative debates


Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick (R-21) this evening urged the New Jersey media to schedule public debates, and we heartily concur.

Let’s have debates on the utter nosedived mess that is New Jersey.

“The Assembly Republicans are ready and willing to debate the important issues facing our state,” said Bramnick. “Our hope is with the media scheduling public debates, New Jerseyans will understand our plans to reform the state and lower property taxes.”

Bramnick and several other Assembly Republicans have been calling for public debates since February, which majority Democrats continue to duck, blaming a mostly absent Gov. Chris Christie for the state’s woes even as they ignore Bramnick’s persistent baying that they pay heed to nagging legislative differences between Republicans and Democrats.Celebrating a vital forum for the exchange of ideas, PolitickerNJ not only welcomes debates between the top dogs from both sides but would gladly sponsor such a collision of minds in the public square.

Certainly maybe some would accept the notion that machines have replaced ideas in this state. But we don’t.

At the very least we don’t accept the presence of machines as a substitute for games.

We persist in the perhaps genteel notion that in America, elections don’t just get decided in the backrooms of the Heldrich Hotel, but in a western Colosseum with roots as old as ancient Rome. And yes, if Bramnick chooses to play Mark Antony to Christie’s fallen Caesar, and Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-32) must be Brutus to Bramnick’s Antony, then by God, may PolitickerNJ play the enduring if not endearing part of Circus Maximus.

May the games begin!

May the Games Commence! NJ needs legislative debates