PolitickerNJ Editor’s Picks: Week of 4/20

Former Assemblyman Bill Payne.

Former Assemblyman Bill Payne.

Before you head out for the weekend, make sure to read or re-read the following offerings from this week’s PolitickerNJ:

The PolitickerNJ Interview with Steve Sweeney;

The Tom Kean Birthday Bash;

The Essex County Remembrance of Ray Durkin;

Inside the Joe Kyrillos Bush Debacle;

New Jersey Republicans Organizing for Jeb Bush;

Christie’s late night talk show delight (a history);

East Ward Backroom;

Trouble on the Elizabeth Board of Education;

Jim Perskie’s must-read opinion pieces out of South Jersey here and here;

New Jersey in Virginia;

The Stigma of Sitting Governors;

A Gathering of North Jersey Political Insiders;

Christie’s U.S. Senate Self-Appointment Option.

Winners and Losers.






  PolitickerNJ Editor’s Picks: Week of 4/20