West New York mayor’s race: Police report filed alleging Wiley in fist fight; opposition campaign denies allegations, slams Roque campaign tactics


WEST NEW YORK – A police report filed in West New York earlier this week suggests that West New York commissioner and mayoral candidate Count Wiley was involved in a fist fight, an allegation vehemently denied by Wiley’s campaign.

According to a West New York police operation report obtained by PolitickerNJ, dated April 26 and listing Miguel Borrego, of West New York, as a complainant and Leo Hernandez, of West New York, as a witness, the police responded to a report of a dispute at 5907 Buchanan Place in West New York.

“I was advised by headquarters that there were three males, known to him as Count Wiley, David Rivera, and John Pinto having a first fight on Buchanan Place,” reads the report filed by West New York Police Officer Tate Whisten. “Upon arrival, I observed a group of people standing in front of 5907 [Buchanan Place] talking and laughing. I spoke with Mr. Pinto and he stated that there was a gathering at the address and they went outside for fresh air.There were no signs of any arguing or fighting at this time.

“It was relayed to me by Lt. Cocciadiferro who received information that the above party, Mr. Miguel Borrego had witnessed the above 3 mentioned parties engaging in a fist fight in the street,” the report continued before concluding with no additional pertinent information.

“I think Count Wiley’s campaign has been destructive and negative since its inception, and the residents of West New York will reject him and his team on May 12,” said Pablo Fonseca, campaign spokesman for incumbent West New York Mayor Felix Roque. “West New York will then continue the progress made under Mayor Roque and his team over the last four years.”

Ralph Sanchez, campaign manager for the West New York United opposition slate headed by Wiley, lashed out at the Roque campaign in response, denying any allegations made against Wiley.

“I wasn’t even aware there was such a police report, as this was a Sunday family BBQ and no such incident took place,” Sanchez said in a written statement on Tuesday. “In addition, Commissioner Wiley was never in attendance and the claims of him being at this location are imaginary at best. The West New York Police Department came on the scene and explained that they were responding to a complaint and left the scene once they witnessed that the claim of a disturbance was completely fabricated. All of the campaign managers except for Pablo Fonseca, Roque’s campaign manager, met with the Police Director last week to discuss public safety and abuse of phone calls to the police department. Every camp was warned not to use the Police Department as a toy for personal use to cry wolf or tie up officers when they could be protecting the residents of West New York from actual criminal activity.

“Miguel Borrego is a neighbor who knows my family for over 15 years, he is also a loyal Roque supporter whose favorite line is ‘que viva Roque’,” Sanchez added. “I love the guy, but this attempt to score points for his team is a bit much. I really hope this doesn’t become a pattern as we get closer to Election Day.” West New York mayor’s race: Police report filed alleging Wiley in fist fight; opposition campaign denies allegations, slams Roque campaign tactics