WNY mayoral candidate Wiley accused of fraud in civil lawsuit


WEST NEW YORK – West New York Commissioner and mayoral candidate Count Wiley has been accused along with his wife of committing legal fraud by falsifying their addresses on ELEC reports and voter registration forms, according to a recently filed civil lawsuit.

Plaintiffs Ernesto Vasquez, of West New York, and Gina Miranda-Diaz, of North Bergen, claim in the lawsuit filed on April 2 that voter records indicate that Beatriz Wiley, the wife of the West New York mayoral candidate running against incumbent Mayor Felix Roque, has voted consistently in North Bergen since 2003.

The plaintiffs, however, allege that Beatriz Wiley actually resides in West New York, claiming that Count Wiley has on numerous occasions stated that his wife resides with him in West New York. The plaintiffs point in the lawsuit to Count Wiley’s biography on the West New York town website, which states that he resides with his wife Beatriz in West New York.

The lawsuit seeks the removal of Count Wiley as West New York commissioner and Beatriz Wiley from the position of Hudson County Democratic County Committeewoman, representing Ward 4, District 5 of North Bergen.

“This case demonstrates the definition of committing legal fraud to obtain public office and conspiring to do so,” the lawsuit reads.

The lawsuit also accuses the Wileys of falsifying applications for school enrollment of their children, one of whom who is enrolled in the West New York public school district, the other in the North Bergen school district.

“It would be an injustice for the residents of West New York for Count Wiley to be on the ballot and not live in West New York,” Pablo Fonseca, Roque’s campaign manager, told PolitickerNJ on Thursday. “In reading the complaint, there are enough outstanding issues that are questionable to know if he really does live in West New York. The residents of West New York deserve better.”

Count Wiley did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment. WNY mayoral candidate Wiley accused of fraud in civil lawsuit