WNY mayor’s race: opposition accuses Roque of voter fraud


WEST NEW YORK – The opposition slate set against incumbent West New York Mayor Felix Roque in next month’s mayoral election has made accusations of voter fraud against Roque, days after the Roque campaign made similar allegations against the head of the opposition ticket, Commissioner Count Wiley, calling for his resignation.

In a written statement, the West New York United Slate stated that they are officially requesting an investigation into Roque’s voting credibility, attaching documents that the campaign claims demonstrate that Roque was registered at a Union City commercial address up until three months prior to the 2011 nonpartisan municipal election in West New York.

“The matter of this candidate registering to vote in the Town of West New York only [three] months prior to an election raises some serious concerns of the legitimacy of his candidacy and therefore his legal capacity to hold the position of Mayor of West New York,” the statement reads, citing election law to try to back up the claims presented. “We believe this was done with complicit deceit towards the Hudson County Board of Elections, the Town of West New York, and its residents…Upon this information, Mr. Roque would not have qualified for the 2011 West New York municipal election as a commissioner candidate and therefore, would not [be] legally entitled to be Mayor of the town. Therefore, The West New York United Campaign is asking for an immediate official investigation into this matter to prevent the voters of West New York from being disenfranchised.”

“It comes as no shock in this voter file that the Mayor did not follow the law and used it to serve his own agenda,” said Rafael Sanchez, the West New York United Slate campaign manager. “The residents deserve better than a Mayor who has put the town on a crash course of destruction by financial mismanagement, lack of basic services, and careless attitude towards public safety.”

The New Jersey state Attorney General’s Office and the Newark office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation have been contacted regarding the voter fraud allegations made by the West New York mayoral race opposition slate, according to the statement.

Last week, the Roque campaign called for Wiley’s resignation after already calling for his removal as a town commissioner in a civil lawsuit filed earlier this month. Wiley has been accused along with his wife of committing legal fraud by falsifying their addresses on ELEC reports and voter registration forms, according to the lawsuit.

“We are running a positive election. Promises made, promises kept to stabilize taxes, reduce crime, expand senior citizen programs, rehabilitate parks, provide new roads and reduce the employment rate, which is now the second lowest in Hudson County,” responded Pablo Fonseca, Roque campaign manager. “We will continue to focus on the issues, not on rhetoric.”

  WNY mayor’s race: opposition accuses Roque of voter fraud