WNY mayor’s race: Wiley campaign lashes out against fraud lawsuit


WEST NEW YORK – The campaign of Commissioner Count Wiley, a West New York mayoral candidate, challenged a civil lawsuit recently filed against him, specifically questioning the motives of the suit’s plaintiffs.

“This is a frivolous, politically motivated lawsuit that is wasting the taxpayers’ dollars in West New York,” said Ralf Sanchez, Wiley campaign manager, on Friday.

Wiley has been accused along with his wife of committing legal fraud by falsifying their addresses on ELEC reports and voter registration forms, according to a recently filed civil lawsuit.

Plaintiffs Ernesto Vasquez, of West New York, and Gina Miranda-Diaz, of North Bergen, claim in the lawsuit filed on April 2 that voter records indicate that Beatriz Wiley, the wife of the West New York mayoral candidate running against incumbent Mayor Felix Roque, has voted consistently in North Bergen since 2003.

The plaintiffs, however, allege that Beatriz Wiley actually resides in West New York, claiming that Count Wiley has on numerous occasions stated that his wife resides with him in West New York. The plaintiffs point in the lawsuit to Count Wiley’s biography on the West New York town website, which states that he resides with his wife Beatriz in West New York.

The lawsuit seeks the removal of Count Wiley as West New York commissioner and Beatriz Wiley from the position of Hudson County Democratic County Committeewoman, representing Ward 4, District 5 of North Bergen.

“This case demonstrates the definition of committing legal fraud to obtain public office and conspiring to do so,” the lawsuit reads.

The lawsuit also accuses the Wileys of falsifying applications for school enrollment of their children, one of whom who is enrolled in the West New York public school district, the other in the North Bergen school district.

The Wiley campaign, however, provided PolitickerNJ with documents on Friday that they assert question the motives of the plaintiffs.

One document purportedly shows a recently updated list of West New York town employees that lists one of the plaintiffs, Gina Miranda-Diaz. According to the list provided, Miranda-Diaz makes $110,000 per year as an assistant public health officer under the Roque administration.

The Wiley campaign also provided a copy of a January 2015 ELEC report that shows that Manuel Diaz was paid more than $3000 in legal fees and postage services by the Roque mayoral campaign. The campaign claims that Manuel Diaz is the husband of Gina Miranda-Diaz. According to an Internet search of Manuel Diaz in the New Jersey Courts Attorney Index, Manuel R. Diaz, whose office is listed as having been in Union City, was permanently disbarred in September 1999 for misconduct and misappropriation of clients’ funds.

“Count Wiley should step down as commissioner pending the results of this lawsuit,” responded Pablo Fonseca, Roque campaign manager. “He should remove himself from running for mayor until he can prove he is a West New York resident.” WNY mayor’s race: Wiley campaign lashes out against fraud lawsuit