Afternoon Bulletin: Former Bee Detective Finds 40,000 Bees in Queens Home

Former NYPD bee detective Anthony “Tony Bees” Planakis has removed over 40,000 bees from a house in Flushing, Queens. The hive, located under the bedroom floorboards, was discovered late last year but Mr. Planakis refused to remove the bees before winter in order to give them a better chance of survival. The eradication process took over three hours to remove the hive. Mr. Planakis said the Queen Bee was safely extracted and will hopefully be relocated with her hive upstate. When asked about the task of removing 40,000 bees, Mr. Planakis responded, “This was a bad one.” (Gothamist)

The NYPD have added a $90,000 crime stopping vehicle to their ranks in a bid to combat city crime on Tuesday. Police Commissioner Bill Bratton unveiled the latest vehicle, which has two large video screens on the side to display photos and video of the crime scene. The vehicle was donated by the New York City Police Foundation and is a part of the new initiative called “Your City. Your Call.” (CBS New York)

Reverend Al Sharpton’s daughter is suing the City for $5 million after she sprained her ankle in SoHo but her injury hasn’t stopped her from hiking around the islands of Indonesia. In recent weeks Dominque Sharpton has posted several images of herself on social media, including one where she is wearing high heals—potentially costing her a lot of money from the lawsuit. Legal experts told The New York Post the photos could affect her chances of winning the legal battle because it shows her injuries are not severe. (New York Post)

A Muslim couple are suing the owner of Luna Park after they were verbally abused by workers for their religion. The couple were boarding the ‘Wild River’ ride when the woman was told to get off the ride after she requested to not be seated next to a man. The woman faced similar hostility later in the day when several ride attendants began yelling racial slurs at her. The couple say they were kicked out of the amusement park but not before one attendant called the woman a “terrorist b—-,” the lawsuit said. (DNAinfo)

The Drug Enforcement Administration has recovered more than 150 pounds of heroin and $2 million in cash from an apartment in the Bronx on Sunday. The narcotic bust is the largest of it’s kind in New York state history and the DEA’s fourth-biggest heroin  seizure in the United States. Two men were arrested on drug charges. (NBC New York)

  Afternoon Bulletin: Former Bee Detective Finds 40,000 Bees in Queens Home