Alston goes after Chiaravalloti in LD31

LD31 Democratic challenger Bruce Alston of Jersey City lunged at his Bayonne rival in the wake of comments Nicholas Chiravalloti made on PolitickerNJ.

The singling out of the Bayonne brand name underscored Alston’s intent to isolate Bayonne and hope for low turnout districtwide to give him a boost with Jersey City’s African American base, in part mobilized by the organization’s support for Chiravalloti’s running mate Angela McKnight.

Alston responded to his opponent’s support for eradicating the Exit 14A turnpike issue.

“My opponent is simply grandstanding on an issue that gained traction [last] weekend,” he said. “He offers no solution of his own but to support the recommendation of Mayor Davis. He fails to mention the issue of most concerned to residents of Bayonne and Jersey City Public Safety. The residents of Bayonne voiced serious concern over the Sunday Drive by Shooting on 16th street. My opponent is ready to redirect police to handle traffic issues , while there is an escalating violence issue in the city of Bayonne. This is just another an example of Nicholas being out of touch with issues that need rapid legislation to bring community policing to our neighborhoods.

“Furthermore the HCDO Executive Director John Minella ,a man who I have found to be accessible is a Bayonne resident who also happens to sit on the NJ Turnpike Authority Board would be a reliable point of contact for Mayor Davis,” he added. “My opponent would rather increase overtime spending  hours for Bayonne PD without an agreement being drafted in which new jersey turnpike pays for the overtime workload. Furthermore I believe with the escalating violence in Bayonne it would be more appropriate for him to encourage the Mayor to consider instituting a Temporary Traffic Unit made up of Parking Authority Personnel and possibly College students during the Sumner months. The last thing we need is less police presence in our communities due to  addressing traffic issues.”

Alston goes after Chiaravalloti in LD31