Christie wants an apology from the media


Gov. Chris Christie wants an apology from the media for the way reporters and editorial arms treated him in the aftermath of the George Washington Bridge scandal.

You can read that CNBC story here.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) subsequently slapped at the governor, fresh off a supposedly “all in good fun” expletive-laden tongue lashing Christie gave a roomful of ink-stained wretches at last night’s New Jersey Correspondents Club dinner.

“Oh. Right,” said DNC spokesperson Kaylie Hanson. “Never mind the fact that his incompetent leadership wrecked the state budget, led to a record nine credit downgrades, the highest property taxes in the nation, and one of the worst rates of job growth in the country. Never mind the fact that there is still an ongoing investigation, and that he created a culture that led to Bridgegate. Chris Christie is the victim here, and he’s got low poll numbers because people love him so much. If you buy that, then we’ve got a closed bridge to sell you.”

Christie wants an apology from the media