CW Releases the First Look at ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’


Oh, dammit.

Last week I wrote about DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, saying its possible that the CW’s Flash/Arrow spinoff could finally once and for all usher in super hero fatigue. This was something that was really hard to write, because my computer is down here and I was sitting all the way up here on my high horse. Because after CW released the first official trailer today…dammit. It looks really cool. It looks like a mini-Guardians of the Galaxy on a CW budget.

Some take-aways:

  • So when exactly do we rechristen the CW the DC Channel? And why does that not even sound like a bad idea?
  • As EW first noted, Caity Lotz, fresh out the Lazarus Pit, will be playing White Canary, not Black Canary, because comic books.
  • How long until this spinoff gets its own spinoff, centered around the duo of Wentworth Miller’s Captain Cold and Dominic Purcell’s Heat Wave? It should actually just be Prison Break, but with the DC characters swapped in.
  • Now, I said the trailer looks really cool. It still sounds a lot like a CW show. I almost collapsed under the sheer weight of the exposition. “Hi, my name is [blank]. I’m from [blank]. What I do and why I’m special is because [blank].”
  • All of which is forgiven because GIANT ROBOT FOOT.
  • I assume CW spent all of its super hero budget on Grodd, and had none left over to make Atom shrinking look decent?

All in all, if I can watch a girl with wings team up with a dude with a freeze ray to take down a giant robot, consider this my second wind to get over super hero fatigue.

CW Releases the First Look at ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’