Little Lifehacks Guaranteed to Improve Your Existence

(Photo: Kengo/Flickr)
(Photo: Kengo/Flickr)

I’m obsessed with lifehacks. Lifehacks can be as helpful as making your day better to helping you sell your company.

life·hackˈ/ līfˌhak /noun / informal

Definition: a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way.

I always write some of my lifehacks in my notes app on iOS. I wanted to share 10 recent ones I learned.

1. Dress formal when you go on flights. You’re more likely to get upgraded to first class, if you ask and you look important. It may be less comfortable to be in a blazer, but overall you’ll be more comfortable in first class.

2. Show up to meetings with small gifts. The ROI is massive. I learned this when I got close with several Japanese people. They rarely come empty handed. It means a lot to people and will be memorable. Gifts are super memorable when they are surprises, not when people expect them.Canopy is a good place to find cool stuff.

3. Listen more. By listening more, you are equipping yourself with the most possible information and can negotiate or respond most intelligently. Don’t rush into answering. You’ll notice people will continue chatting if you just keep silent because people inherently want to fill the awkward silence. H/t to Mark Bartels for this one.

4. Throw dinner parties. Make it a mix of people you know well and want to know well. Great things will happen from it. Do it in multiple major cities (NYC, LA, SF) so you build strong networks in cities that have world influence.

5. Make a list of 10 people who you often forget to keep in touch with but care about. These are people who would go up to bat for you no matter what. Could be high school friends, your grandmother or an old co-worker. Put them on your phones favorites list. Call them when you’re walking to places. Try not to uber or drive places that are less than 15 minutes walking distance and use that time to call them. Your quality of life will increase.

6. When you’re out with people breaking bread, put your phone on airplane mode.

7. Walk and talk meetings are underrated. With fresh air and exercise, you are more creative. The result = better ideas and more open conversations. Oh and hey, burning cals is cool too.

8. Schedule 30 minute meetings not 1 hour meetings. You get through just as much. 1 hour meetings are only if you really want to get to know a person and build a trusted bond.

9. Pour people’s drinks before yours. People appreciate that.

10. Pretty much everything you read in the media is spun by people like me. When you’re reading anything, take it with a massive grain of salt.


Greg Isenberg

Greg Isenberg is the founder and CEO of 5by (acquired by StumbleUpon) & Venture Partner at IndicatorVC. Follow him on Twitter here for more lifehacks.

Little Lifehacks Guaranteed to Improve Your Existence