Royal Baby Girl – Her New York Must-Haves

No drafty castle bedrooms and Victorian hand-me-downs for the princess as Will and Kate do it differently, but what if she had been born in NYC?

Fancy a move to Park Slope? (Photo: Getty)
Fancy a move to Park Slope? (Photo: Getty)

Rejoice! The much-anticipated Second Royal Baby has been born and Will and Kate have a daughter. Once they leave the hospital, they will no doubt be whisked  away to Kensington Palace where the little Princess will eat mashed-up crumpets, defend herself against possibly a bit-jealous older brother Prince George, and go for lovely pram rides round the gardens.

But what if the princess had been born in New York? What if, by some miraculous stroke of good fortune, Will and Kate decided they were frankly quite tired of London, and that the Big Apple would be a much, much better city to grace with the birth of their progeny?

Okay—it’s not likely to happen. But anyway, here are the must-haves for a royal baby born in NYC.

Nanny: Pavillion Agency

With a set of parents as busy as Will and Kate are, the princess will definitely be needing a few nannies on stand-by at all times. The staff at Pavillion Agency is the cream of the crop in the industry, catering to some of the city’s wealthiest families. Zenaide Muneton, one of the agency’s most experienced nannies, knows how to make even homework fun for kids—all at a salary of $250,000 a year.

Hospital: Mount Sinai Hospital

Celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and P. Diddy have hand-picked this location to be the birthplace of their babies. At $4,000 a night for a room with a full view of Central Park, it’s no wonder that Mount Sinai Hospital has a reputation for providing the most luxurious labor experience. Services include but are not limited to spa-inspired baths with Italian tiles and decorative mirrors, massage therapy, photography services, a “beside mobile boutique” that allows recovering mothers to shop from their hospital beds, and complimentary tea and cookies served every afternoon at 2 p.m.—only fitting for British royalty.

A crib fit for a royal baby. (Photo: PoshTots)
A crib fit for a royal baby. (Photo: PoshTots)

Crib: PoshTots ‘Fantasy Coach’

PoshTots’s Fantasy Coach, inspired by Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage, could serve as the ultimate crib for our new, real-life princess. Construction and delivery of this made-to-order item can exceed six months but the finished product is well worth the wait. Hand-made from wood and fiberglass, the Fantasy Coach starts at $65,000, not including shipping charges or linens and interior options.

Clothing: Baby CZ

If the Duchess of Cambridge’s wardrobe is any indicator, it’s safe to say that the royal baby will be as stylish as her mother. Baby CZ specializes in baby’s clothing made of cozy materials such as linen and cotton. The cashmere collection is especially luxurious; a hand-knit cashmere chunky hoodie is priced at $331 while a cashmere baby blanket costs $636. Baby CZ also offers a variety of women’s clothing so a matching session is sure to ensue.

Pre-school: British International School

Once the royal baby is ready for pre-school, she will no doubt require the finest education New York has to offer. The British International School, located along the East River at 23rd Street in Manhattan, is one of the city’s most expensive pre-schools, with a tuition of $42,225 for full-day students. Not only will the royal baby learn to speak French and Spanish and to play the violin, but he or she will also be surrounded by fellow well-to-do young Brits.

Food: Shoogies NYC

There will be no grocery store-bought baby food for this tot! Shoogies NYC delivers custom-made organic baby food across Manhattan and Brooklyn—available without gluten, dairy, soy, nuts and other allergens, in case the royal baby has a sensitive tummy.

Royal Baby Girl – Her New York Must-Haves