Tastemakers: What’s Your Go-To Spring Hangout in Brooklyn?

Take a look at where all the Brooklyn tastemakers will be hanging out this spring.

Evan Z Crane
Evan Z. Crane. (Photo: Courtesy Evan Z. Crane)

1. Evan Z. Crane (Furniture Designer)

“When the weather gets nice in Brooklyn, my go-to spot is the Fort Greene Park monument— the 150-foot Doric column designed by Stanford White to commemorate American soldiers of the Revolutionary War. It continues to inspire me year after year.”








Irene Villar
Irene Villar. (Photo: Courtesy Irene Villar)

2. Irene Villar (Designer at Ulla Johnson)

“I like to ride my bike to Grand Ferry Park in Williamsburg and relax. The view of the bridge and city skyline is inspiring, and despite the throng of tourists that usually come with warm weather, it’s the one corner of Williamsburg that remains somewhat serene.”








Kate Reynolds
Kate Reynolds. (Photo: Courtesy Kate Reynolds)

3. Kate Reynolds (Partner of Studio Four NYC)

“The backyard of The Pines restaurant on Third Avenue and Carroll Street is a great spot for relaxing with a book and some rosé. I have kids and we hang at Prospect Park a lot—this year I’m particularly excited for bike rides around the park circle with my boys! Now if only it would warm up already!”








Alan Eckstein
Alan Eckstein. (Photo: Courtesy Alan Eckstein)

4. Alan Eckstein (Design Director of Timo Weiland)

“For me it’s Marlow & Sons—hands down. All the staff is so lovely,  my dog Coconut and I love to sit outside and we always get a warm welcome. The bagel with cream cheese and a side of sautéed greens is consistently good.”








Morgan Sarner
Morgan Sarner. (Photo: Courtesy Morgan Sarner)

5. Morgan Sarner (Handbag Raincoat Founder)

“I love a glass of dry white with my friends on the rooftop at the Wythe [Hotel].”










Antonino Buzzetta
Antonino Buzzetta. (Photo: Patrick McMullan)

6. Antonino Buzzetta (Interior Designer)

“One of my favorite hangouts is the Greenwood Park [restaurant, bar and beer garden], located in South Slope. Once a gas station but now a fan favorite, this raw and industrial habitat houses a selection of over 60 beers, both local and imported varieties. I’ve been known to partake in several libations whilst enjoying a game of bocce ball; I believe it actually helps my game. If you’re looking for a slick tourist spot, this is not for you, however this is a welcome respite to meet friends, old and new, and unwind after a long week.”



Yael Sonia
Yael Sonia. (Photo: Courtesy Yael Sonia)

7. Yael Sonia (Jewelry Designer)

“Maison Premiere in Williamsburg is a great treasure in the winter, but as the spring time rolls in, their backyard garden has an incredible ambiance. The raw bar specialties and cocktails are fantastic!” Tastemakers: What’s Your Go-To Spring Hangout in Brooklyn?