The Common Knowledge Redefines the Statement Bag

For luxury without a label, look no further than this geometric tote.

Style Opener PHOTO: Emily Assiran/New York Observer

The Common Knowledge, Large Bone Bag $680 (Emily Assiran/New York Observer)

The key to finding the right statement bag is figuring out what you want to say. And The Common Knowledge’s Bone Bag, in summer-friendly white, says all the right things in a quiet, luxurious way. Designed by recent art school grad Zara Dramov, it has indie cred and an elegant sensibility. It looks polished enough for a Monday, but breezy enough for a summer Friday. There are no flashy labels, but the brand’s origami-like folds and sharp angles of the pebbled leather are instantly recognizable to those truly in-the-know.

Ms. Dramov got a degree in industrial design at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. After she began experimenting with leather, she went to Central Saint Martins in London to take a handbag course. “I wanted to create iconic pieces that work as an extension of the body,” Ms. Dramov explained. The body proved an inspiration in other ways as well. The Bone Bag, which is her signature piece and comes in several sizes and colors, gets its name from “the way that skin looks over bone.”

The bags are manufactured in small runs (eight to 12 at a time) in New York and designed in Los Angeles, where Ms. Dramov lives, and they exemplify the perfect blend of East Coast sophistication and West Coast laid-back chill. And that’s the perfect statement to make when the weather heats up.

The Common Knowledge Redefines the Statement Bag