The Governor’s Pen: Bills signed and vetoed


Governor Chris Christie today announced action that has been taken on the following legislation:




A-1286/S-2439 (Dancer, Andrzejczak, Singleton/Van Drew, Oroho) – Authorizes the establishment of federal impact aid reserve account


A-1499/S-2712 (DeAngelo, Wimberly, Pinkin, Pintor Marin/Barnes, Turner) – Requires school business administrator to annually report to board of education on district contracts


A-2281/S-1727 (DeAngelo, Lagana, Garcia, Andrzejczak, Sumter/Barnes, Rice) – Includes reverse rate evasion as form of insurance fraud and provides for civil and criminal penalties


A-2969/S-2546 (Garcia, Caputo/Rice) – Prohibits sale, purchase, and possession of certain merchandise designed to conceal license plate to evade law enforcement


A-3161/S-2026 (Lampitt/Beach, Allen) – Implements current car seat safety recommendations


A-3455/S-2282 (Mukherji, Pinkin, Singleton, Danielsen, Pintor Marin/Smith, Bateman) – Amends definition of “Class II renewable energy”


A-3493/S-2564 (Johnson, Mainor, DeCroce, Wilson, Wimberly/Greenstein, Weinberg) – Requires police departments of certain educational institutions to adopt Attorney General Guidelines on internal affairs policies and procedures


A-3504/S-2231 (Lagana, Lampitt, Vainieri Huttle, Sumter/Weinberg, Vitale) – Requires DHS to use and update NJ Elder Index and related data to the extent possible


A-3905/S-2680 (Coughlin, Eustace, Johnson, Garcia/Gill, T. Kean) – Authorizes operators of motor vehicles to display electronic proof of insurance




A-1698/S-2316 (Wisniewski, Green, Jasey, Sumter/Whelan, Stack) – CONDITIONAL – Requires fire suppression systems in new single and two family homes


A-2996/S-2254 (Lagana, Stender, Pintor Marin/Whelan) – CONDITIONAL – Authorizes snow removal from covered fire hydrants and locator pole installation


A-3360/S-2425 (Lampitt, Garcia, Mukherji, Mosquera, Lagana, Wimberly/Ruiz, Allen) – ABSOLUTE – Requires each school district with middle school or high school to establish food services advisory committee to consider menu options that reflect students’ cultural, traditional, and dietary preferences


A-3970/S-2659 (Prieto, Jimenez, Jasey, Quijano/Sacco, Sarlo) –CONDITIONAL – Authorizes county vocational school district to request county improvement authority to construct and issue bonds to finance school facilities project The Governor’s Pen: Bills signed and vetoed