The Observer Staff’s Favorite YouTube Videos

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of everyone's favorite time-waster

YouTube recently marked its 10th anniversary- the site released an alphabetical highlight reel to celebrate (The video utiilized several different techniques, explained here).

To gauge YouTube’s impact on the people we work with every day, Innovation polled the rest of the Observer staff to see what videos were their favorites, and why.

And here’s what they said:

Ken Kurson, Editor-in-Chief

I watch a ton of music videos and I can’t recall any that so shatterred my expectations. I went from kinda hating that song (to the degree I thought of it) to adoring it, all on account of this balding shmo in a Rush t-shirt just KILLING this very complicated and high-ranging vocal, all set in a crummy pizza place with ordinary customers walking by. Exactly the kind of diamond in the rough perfectly suited to YouTube addiction.

Lale Arikoglu, Managing Editor

For me, nothing beats David Hasselhoff, clad in an LED jacket and a piano scarf, singing atop the Berlin Wall ( for reasons that remain unknown to me) as it falls in 1989. At one point, he is almost hit by a firecracker.

Ilana Kaplan, Social Media Editor

This classic.

Jillian Jorgensen, Senior Politics Editor

Without YouTube, I wouldn’t be able to watch videos of epic Bruce Springsteen concerts that happened before I was born. One of my favorites is this performance of “Rosalita” from 1978, at the end of which Bruce is basically tackled by women who are seeking to kiss him.

Drew Grant, tvDownload Editor

This film is a brilliant, pre-American Psycho portrayal of yuppiedom as a gateway to madness. It’s what made me realize Nic Cage might actually be in on the joke of Nicolas Cage. Also, what the hell kind of accent is he doing? You must watch the whole thing.

Vinnie Mancuso, tvDownload Reporter

I send this to someone I know, minimum, three times a day.

Jordyn Taylor, Style Reporter

Call me basic. Fire me, if you will (actually please don’t fire me). But I love Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night” video so, so much.

Dena Silver, Style Reporter

What is the point of YouTube if not for videos of children saying basically nothing in the most adorable way possible?

Matthew Kassel, Editor/Staff Writer

This spoof of the Mad Men opening, re-imagined as Draper in the style of the 1980s sitcom Benson

Alanna Martinez, Arts Managing Editor

I can’t believe no one has mentioned Moldovan boy band Ozone’s Dragostea din Tei already. I’m not talking about that dude that lip synched it in his basement, but the original version that was all the rage when it hit circa 2003. Yes, the basement dude should be credited with bringing this gem over to America, and his viral YouTube fame was just insane. But I’m just so thankful that YouTube’s powerful search engine allowed me to discover the original. The song that shaped a generation. You’re welcome:

Mark Rykken, Editorial Assistant

Not a huge fan of his music…but respect the hell out of his musical skilllzzzz. Also my favorite Hendrix song.

Some of Innovation’s own writers responded as well:

Brady Dale, Innovation Reporter

Around 2008 I went through a period where I spoke almost exclusively in quotes from Fensler Films, riffs on the PSAs that came on at the end of the G.I. Joe cartoons of my childhood. The most famous of these is probably “Pork Chop Sandwiches,” but they are all good. Picking just one of the Fensler riffs is hard, but, for the tech desk, this is the obvious choice.

Hunter Harris, Innovation Intern

It’s the perfect combination of black code switching and universal annoyance.

And one perspective from the other side:

Kim Velsey, Real Estate Editor

I’m probably the only person in the office who doesn’t like YouTube. I can tell you my least favorite thing is when people gchat me YouTube links, but then I just sound like a curmudgeon.

The Observer Staff’s Favorite YouTube Videos